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Postings from November 19, 2002 on the Basic Christian Discussion Forum

"Back to Basics trend focuses on Jesus"

This is the title of the first article on the cover of the current "Christian Retailing" magazine.

Christian Retailing is a trade magazine for Christian booksellers and bookstores.

I subscribe to Christian Retailing to try to keep current in the events of the Christian market.

It was with great delight that I read the front page article that went on to say "some in the industry are seeing a significant back to basics trend" and explains this trend to basics as the trend of returning to Jesus and of gaining knowledge and a relationship with Jesus!

I of course whole heartily support this news and ask everyone to support this back to basics trend and to encourage others to stay with the basics of Christianity, a relationship with Jesus.

God Bless you,
David Anson Brown

I personally first got interested in having a ministry focusing on "Christian Basics" about four years ago.

Earlier I had just finished college, with a degree in Economics, and was working in the financial industry in Los Angeles. In 1995 I was attending the first "Promise Keepers" men's conference held in the L.A. Coliseum. The men at my church were all riding to the Coliseum aboard several busses. As we were being seated in the busses an Assistant Pastor handed out "opportunity cards" these were little yellow cards that we were to circle or write down what ministry opportunities we wanted to take part in with the Church. I was so stunned I tried to give the card back to the Assistant Pastor. The thought of my getting involved in any type of Ministry was just to foreign to me, I had never even considered it, and knowing just how human I am, I never wanted to get involved.

Thinking I had an easy out I told the Assistant Pastor that I was not a person for Christian service and handed him back the card while explaining that "I'm just a regular guy." The assistant Pastor handed me back the card and said, "Everyone who serves God is just a regular guy who loves God." So I took the card, I prayed, and I circled the Usher option, I thought, "Hey, helping people find a seat. I can't mess that up too much." Then I got bold and also indicated that some day I would like to lead a small group Bible study for men. I took the next Usher's class and soon had the awesome job of ushering a few Sundays on a rotating basis.

I was also keeping in mind that I had noted on the opportunity card that I wanted to lead a small Bible study but I realized that I really knew almost nothing about the Bible and Christianity for that matter. So I started to ask questions to try and get a handle on just what Christianity is. Well, what I discovered is that most people really have very little idea as to what Christianity is all about. So I thought great at least we are all in the same boat. The next year I applied to and was accepted into a two year Ministry School program.

Shortly after graduating from the School of Ministry in 1998, I still didn't have a clue as to what I was going to do. I was out of town, visiting Washington State, and went into a Christian bookstore and looked around and for the first time realized that, there wasn't really much in this nice big bookstore about Jesus. I bought a leading magazine as I opened the magazine it had all of these articles about how to get along with your boss and how to get along with your wife and how to buy a new car and where to go on vacation but it had nothing about being a Christian and fellowshipping with Jesus.

I decided right then that I would start writing some small articles about Christianity and a relationship with Jesus. When I got home I went to the library and checked out a dozen books about writing and one said that you don't have to be a expert on your topic when you start to write, and I thought well I'm no expert, but it did go on to say that you need to be proficient about your topic when you are done. So I decided that's me I can write and learn about Jesus as I go.

I started writing a topic about "Who is Melchizedek" after two pages I had to stop writing and go back and re-read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, that took about 5 weeks. Then I was back to writing along with more researching.

The "Basic Christian" Ministry is really just getting started but it has been more fun and more fulfilling and I'm seeing some fruit from people who are being helped by some of the various articles. It is a very exciting time for the Basic Christian Ministry and definitely the best is yet to come!

God Bless you,
David Anson Brown

It was interesting when I first started the Basic Christian Forum here on Delphi and put the Basic Christian link on the bottom of my posting signature. Some people were just appalled at the thought of being anything Basic.

As I posted on other forums and particularly the "Pro-Choice" forum others would post back that Basic anything was just an unacceptable proposition. Witches, Pagans, Mormons and other cultists were really shocked by anyone wanting to be Basic and they would gladly go on and remind one another that they were advanced and not basic.

I knew that the cults are very interested in secret knowledge and being different, set apart and most importantly superior to other people. For instance a Witch or pagan wants to know the more secret ritual and likewise with the Mormon and other Cults it is the secret password and the secret signs and symbols that make them advanced and proclaim them to be superior to others.

I really wanted to keep Christianity at it's pure basics and besides Christianity is unique in that it is Not what you know but who you know, Jesus, that makes Christianity special.

Basic Christianity is a relationship with God, and it is basic because God has taken care of all of the complex details for us. We don't need to understand the complexities of the spirit realm or the complex human makeup of spirit, soul and body nor do we need to understand the complexities of the world and the evilness of it to get to know God. We just need to know that God exists, that He created us to be with Him, He is for us, He loves us, and He is available to us. Christianity really is just that Basic!

God Bless you,
David Anson Brown

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